Simon Evans | Scott How

One on one lessons in rock, pop, blues, folk, classical, jazz, metal and more!  Nothing can help you learn faster than an experienced pro musician passing down essential tips you won’t find in any books or websites. Lessons available on Acoustic, Electric or Bass guitar. We will personalize your lessons based on your needs and wants, but can include sight reading (standard notation or TAB), technique, rhythm, theory, composition, improvisation, and of course learning the songs you love! Experience Alumni Music’s fun, friendly, and supportive environment. All experience levels welcome.


Classical Guitar

Scott How

Learn the techniques and repertoire of the venerable nylon string guitar. From beginners to university level players, our experienced instructors will help you refine your mastery of this beautiful instrument. Wether you are interested in traditional classical guitar - including RCM preparation, or more modern fingerpicking styles, Alumni Music is there for you.


Jazz Guitar

Simon Evans

Ever wondered what a Bb13#11 is? Uncover the joy of jazz guitar! From dixieland to big band, bebop and fusion, jazz guitar has come a long way. Study the greats like Charlie Christian, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, and John Scofield just to name a few. Learn the scales, modes, arpeggios, licks and tricks of the masters, and have a blast doing it! Learn to read lead sheets and improvise like a pro. Expand your chord knowledge exponentially and impress your friends. Let us help you prepare for your college or university audition, or just sign up because you’d love to learn jazz!



Simon Evans | Scott How

Learn to play the most fundamental of pitched instruments. Instruction can range from rocking eighth notes, to walking bass lines, popping and slapping, and even how to solo! Reading is encouraged. Be the solid foundation that all bands are looking for.



Chris Nevile

From Mozart to Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano has been a staple of the music world in almost every genre for a very long time. Experience the joy of learning this magnificent instrument! Lessons in classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz and more! RCM preparation available.



Chris Nevile

These aren’t your grandma’s organ lessons! Learn to rock out on a classic Hammond organ (M3). The organ has been a prominent fixture in blues, rock, and jazz music over the past century yet is not easy to find instruction for. Find your inner Jimmy Smith today.


Voice Lessons

Chris Nevile | Jenn Beaupre

There are few things as healthy and energizing as belting out a tune! Wether you are into pop, rock, jazz or opera, our talented and friendly teachers have the professional experience to help you reach your goals and have a blast doing it! Lessons can include everything from vocal warm-ups, strengthening exercises and proper breathing, to pro performance tips including stage presence, projection and microphone technique.


Music Theory

Simon Evans | Scott How

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."   Johannes Brahms                                                    

Although all lessons will inevitably include some basic theory, and more in depth study will be encouraged, Alumni Music offers discrete music theory lessons for those wishing to expand their understanding of music. Topics covered can include notation, intervals, keys, scales/modes, triads, 7th chords (and beyond), circle of 5ths, harmony, melody, form/structure, composition, rhythm, ear training and more! We have helped many students successfully prepare for college and university theory exams and auditions. Replace intimidation with confidence, and enrich your appreciation of music!


Music Lab

Simon Evans | Scott How

Music Lab is a program designed to get students playing in a band setting, ultimately leading to a charity concert! Participants of Music Lab will learn many key skills in the preparation and production of a live show.