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Personalized studio and in-home private lessons available in:


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Music Lab

A dynamic and exciting band program designed to take

aspiring musicians from the living room to the stage -
culminating at a live charity concert!


Alumni Music provides excellent value while maintaining an extremely high standard of instructors. We offer teachers who are degree holding musicians, educators and recording artists who perform on a regular basis. Our teachers have the experience to help you avoid many of the “traps” and bad habits less experienced musicians can pass along, potentially saving you years of frustration. While no method can “make learning easy”, nothing can help you learn more quickly and easily than an experienced pro personally guiding you to your full musical potential.

Our talented and friendly teachers will encourage you to be the best musician you can be, while personalizing lessons to suit the tastes and ambitions of each student. Check our Instructors page for more information on our teachers, and the Lessons page for more details on specific instruments taught.


All students at Alumni Music have the opportunity to showcase their talents at our annual recital in a cordial and encouraging environment. Music Lab participants will get to experience planning, preparing, promoting and playing a real live concert complete with a full sound system and lights for the charity of their choice!


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To provide experienced and supportive instruction, giving students the means to enjoy participating and growing in a lifetime of music.


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